Honeymoon Account


Booking your Honeymoon with Toucan Travel? 

Why not let your guests know they can make a contribution to your Honeymoon with one of our Honeymoon Accounts!

Once you have booked your Honeymoon with us we will supply you with individual personalised guest cards to pass onto your family and friends explaining how they can contribute.

Family and friends can contribute as much as they like as there is no minimum or maximum amount. This can be paid by Cash, Debit Card or Credit Card, please note credit cards will incur a 2.5% charge. Payment must be made to the Toucan Travel shop where your Honeymoon is booked and Honeymoon Account is held.

Any contributions made before the balance of your Honeymoon has to be paid will be deducted off your final balance when you pay. Any further contributions made after the balance has been paid can be used towards other service we offer such a lounge pass, car parking or other ancillary services. Honeymoon Accounts will close one week before your wedding date. Once the account is closed no more contributions will be able to be made.

So what are you waiting for? Let Toucan Travel not only arrange your Honeymoon and trip of a lifetime, but also take care of all your guest contributions!