Balloon Flights

Take a ride in The Toucan Travel Balloon

Toucan Travel Balloon FlightThe Toucan Travel hot air balloon flies regularly from sites throughout Hampshire and the surrounding area.

The balloon can accommodate up to ten people, thus we are able to cater for groups as well as individuals.

Having arranged your balloon flight our flight control centre will contact you to arrange a time, date and location. As ballooning is weather dependant they will contact you the day before to confirm the flight.

A typical flight will involve meeting at the departure location (sometimes a little early in the morning). You will be given a pre-flight safety briefing and may be asked to help prepare the balloon for flight.

Then it is up, up and away in our beautiful balloon, reaching heights of 3000 feet you will float over the countryside for approximately 1 hour before landing.

Whilst the balloon is being packed away our retrieval vehicle will be en-route to your location to return you to the start where you can enjoy a glass of chilled champagne whilst talking about your memorable experience.

Flight Safety

We take pride in our exceptional safety record, our pilots are fully qualified and experienced, they all hold commercial balloon pilot licences. Where ever possible we will exceed legal requirements for safety to ensure your flight goes without a hitch.
Toucan Travel Balloon Flight

Flight Tickets cost from £145 plus £5 personal insurance

Tickets for balloon flights are available form any of our branches, or just go to the contact us page to place your order on-line.